A formula simulator that presents new ergonomic solutions, and technological innovations never achieved before. We have here a unique product. Its development occurred in nine months (2003/2004). There were more than 200 items catalogued in its descriptive memorial. Its most appealing aspect is the impressive sensation of driving a real car. And the audience feels very strong

Without a doubt, this was the most precise I've ever driven!”.
Tony Kanaan (IRL 2004 champion).

Check the video Granja Viana out.


1. Three integrated LCD monitors making 44 inches of viewable area.

2. Steering wheel with force-feedback MOMO. Reacts to curves and simulated bumps .

3. Fast gear switchers behind the steering wheel, just like the real F1.

4. Ergonomic solution from children 3.9ft high, up to adults 6.4ft high.

5. Power seats and pedals (electrical adjustments).

6. Cockpit vibration system relative to the engine vibration.

7. Surround sound 5.1, specially designed.

8. Competitions between other cockpits/simulators connected through LAN/Internet or WIFI Network.

9. Dimensions: 8.1ft long by 3.87ft high by 5.34ft wide / Weight: 552.5Lb.

10. A turbine synchronized to speed produces wind. It's in the last phase of development.

11. Simple architecture based on PC makes it easy to do maintenance, installations, and replacements.

Simulator available only for sale. Ask for a quote on the email